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Download Clipboard Buddy V3

Download Clipboard Buddy Download CB3Setup.exe - V3.3.5   (build#195)


  Changes/Fixes in version 3.3.5  - April 18, 2010

  • New menu icons now compatible with all version of Windows (Added/Fixed)
  • Colour pick tool caused space bar not to work (Fixed)
  • Added ability to sort a clip list by type or date (Added)
  • Added 'copy to clipboard' function (Added)
  • Added default configuration button to preferences window (Added)
  • Added default font list function. (Added)
  • Other minor changes/fixes and enhancements
  • Note - This is a free update for all version 3.x users.


 Changes/Fixes in version 3.3.1  - April 7, 2010

  • Minimize/Maximize buttons failed to work on some Vista/Win7 installations (Fixed)
  • When pasting, a double-entry was sometimes made (Fixed)
  • Re-indexing error #521 occurring sometimes when indexing wasn't necessary  (Fixed)
  • Colour Pick Tool caused CB to freeze up in Windows 7 (Fixed)
  • Menu items would occasionally not draw correctly Vista/Win7 (Fixed/Changed)
  • Clip properties did not display the correct date/time (Fixed)
  • Option to clear Inbox on exit (Added)
  • Increased stability in Windows 7 and optimized code for better speed. (Added)
  • Note - This is a free update for all version 3.x users.



The previous older version of Clipboard Buddy v2 can be downloaded here.  (Version 2.35.01)