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Locking and Unlocking Folders

Folders can be locked with a password to prevent unauthorized viewing of their contents.  To lock a folder, right-click on the folder you want to protect and select [Lock Folder].  You will then be prompted with a window to enter a password.  To unlock a locked folder, double click the folder, press enter while the folder is selected or select [Unlock Folder] from the [Edit] menu and enter the correct password.  Folders are automatically locked whenever you switch to another folder.  When a folder is protected you cannot delete, rename or view the properties of that folder.  You need to remove the lock to delete the folder.  To change the password of a folder, remove the lock then add another lock with a different password.

Exporting a locked folder will keep the lock and password associated with it.  When it is imported, it will still be locked. 


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