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Hot Keys Function - [CTRL]  [1] thru [9]

Clipboard Buddy has built-in Hot Key support.  This allows you to paste repetitive information, such as signatures, usernames or passwords, by pressing only two keys, the [CTRL] key and a number key.  There are nine available 'slots' for Hot key items.  These correspond to the first nine rows of your H-key list.  The top row of your H-key list is bound to [CTRL]+[1] and so on.  For example, pressing [CTRL]+[3] will automatically paste the contents of row 3 from your H-key list into the active application or document.  Items contained in the H-keys folder that are in row 10 or higher are treated like any other folder item.  Clipboard Buddy does not have to be showing for the Hot keys to work and can be docked or minimized in the system tray. To assign items to the Hot keys, just drag the items in your H-key list to the correct row.  You can move items into the H-keys folder from any other folder by dragging the item onto the H-Keys folder until it is hightlighted and then dropping it there.  The item will be moved to the bottom of your H-key list so your current assignments do not get changed.  Renaming the items will have no effect on the data which is contained in them.  Item renaming is for your reference only.  Hot keys can be disabled from the Preferences window if you wish.





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