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Useful Tips

Pressing the [PRNT SCRN] button will copy an image of your screen, including all open windows that are showing to Clipboard Buddy.


Pressing [ALT] & [PRNT SCRN] button will copy an image of the current open window or application to Clipboard Buddy.


Pressing the [Insert] button when an item is highlighted will allow you to edit the name of that item.


Pressing the [Del] button will delete the highlighted item.    


You can disable all hot keys and macros from the Options window.


You can paste multiple items at the same time by CTRL + Left mouse button clicking each item you want to paste then press the 'Paste' button above the list.


Turn the clipboard capture on or off press ALT + J


To store an image from the web into your list, right-click on the image and select 'Copy'.


To move or delete multiple items, select the items using either CTRL + Left mouse button or Shift + Left mouse button.  While holding the last item down, either with the Ctrl key or the Shift key, drag the items with the mouse into the desired folder or simply click the delete button above the list.


To store an animated gif from the web and be able to paste it into another program keeping animation, drag your mouse over the gif until it turns highlighted, (usually blue), then select copy from the programs menu or right-click in the highlighted area and select 'Copy'.  The item will now show up in the list as HTML and not an image but can be pasted as an animated gif.


If the Inbox folder turns bold it means a new item has been recorded to the inbox. This will only happen if you have another folder open while an item has been recorded.


Store commonly used password into your H-keys, (hot keys), folder for fast access to secured web sites and applications.








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